CPE 2017 Nationals - Photography by David Wong

CPE 2017 Nationals Photography

We will be photographing all dogs running in the two outside standard rings. You will be able to purchase downloads of these photos on this website or by visiting us at our vendor booth. We will have one photographer at each standard ring. The photographs will be in galleries organized by the day and time.

Photos will be uploaded for review soon after your runs. A limited number of computers at the photography booth will  have the runs available for viewing during the Nationals, otherwise they can be viewed on this site in 4 or 5 days following the end of the Nationals. 

In addition to photos of your dogs during the standard runs, we will also have a CPE 2017 Nationals Blue Screen Fantasy Garden Photo.  We create this photo by placing you and your dog(s) in front of a blue screen. The composited photo will be similar to the Blue Screen Fantasy Garden photo you see below. If you would like to have you and/or your dogs in the Fantasy Garden Photo, please come and see us at the booth after we finish shooting the Standard runs and we will shoot a photo of you against our blue screen to be in your own Fantasy Garden Photo.


• Mouse over the photos in the galleries that will be added within 4 to 5 days after the trials, if you didn't see the photos at our booth, and you will see the file # for each photo. There will be separate galleries for each day, ring, and time. Make note of the file #s for the photos you want to order.

• Pay for the order by clicking on the photo payment buttons below for the photo package you want. Select "Add to Cart" after you select your package. If you pay before the end of the day on Friday, May 19th, I will give you a cash rebate of $5 for prepaid orders or give you the discount if you order at the booth. Come and see us, say hello, and get your rebate or discount!

• Finally, click on "contact" at the very bottom of this screen and send me your photo file #'s you selected. I will send you a link to all your photos for downloading. As there will be many orders, please allow 3 to 4  days for all photos to be uploaded for you to pick-up.  Thank you very much for your order!   David Wong

Price List of Photographs

Available for Downloads

Package 1.  All photos of one dog at both standard rings.              $70

Package 2.  Same as above for two dogs.                                         $95

Package 3.  CPE 2017 Nationals Blue Screen Garden photo          $35

Package 4.  Single photos of your dog (each)                                   $10

Package 5.  Package 1 with the CPE Nationals Garden photo     $100

Package 6.  Package 2    "       "      "            "               "                      $125

Early Bird Discount: $5 off any package except #4 if ordered and paid by end of day on Friday, May 19th.  See ordering instructions above to collect your discount.                                                                                      

Photo Package

Photos from the CPE 2017 Nationals Agility Trials at WAG in Elk Grove, CA will be uploaded to this site in approximately 4 to 5 days after the end of the trials. The very large number of photos taken make this process slow. Thanks for your patience. We hope you had a good time at the Nationals!